Paper Pattern Copyright

This copyright information is for any printed patterns sold on this site.

These designs are for use by the professional quilter in his/her business, so you are allowed to complete customer quilts using the pattern. However patterns sold here are not for mass production, either on quilts made by yourself or by your customers. Mass production as defined for the purpose of this copyright is deemed to be anything more than two identical quilts.

All rights reserved by the designer of the pattern, no part of this pattern may be reproduced or stored in any form other than the form it was purchased in without permission in writing from the designer.

This file is to be used as drawn. DO NOT ALTER FILE OR CREATE NEW PATTERNS FROM ELEMENTS OF THIS FILE. If, for example, you want a block inset in the same style as a design in a panto please contact us and we will let you know if it can be made (this is up to the designer of the original pattern).

Copyright 2011 - this information may be subject to change.