How will my orders be shipped?

You will have several choices of shipping carriers.  First Class Mail packages will be shipped in soft packaging whereas other methods will usually arrive in a box.  Please consider how and where your deliveries are made when choosing a shipping method.  If you have any questions, please be sure to email or call before placing your order.

Can I return a pattern? I already have it / I bought the wrong one.

All efforts are made to clearly display and describe the products sold on this site in order that you may purchase the ones suitable to you. If you have any questions about our products we are happy to answer them prior to your purchase.

All sales are final.

Do you have a print catalogue/catalog?

No, we do not publish a print catalogue. Our selection of patterns is always changing as we add new designs, which makes it difficult to keep a print catalogue current and available.

Buying wholesale:

I have a machine quilting business, can I buy wholesale?

While I do offer wholesale accounts they are not available for all machine quilting business owners. The products that I sell are intended for machine quilting businesses and that makes those businesses my end users, or my retail customers.

I also have resellers, who are in the business of selling products for the machine quilting industry. Those resellers are the ones who are eligible to apply for wholesale accounts. To qualify as a reseller you must have an established business, online or storefront, that sells machine quilting supplies.

Basic wholesale minimums are $500.00 (USD before shipping) per year and 3 of each pattern ordered (any order).

If you feel you qualify and would like more information please us any of the "Contact Us" links on this site to get in touch.

Working with interlocking pantograph patterns.

How do I figure out how to place my pantographs so that I come out even at the end of my quilt?

You don't! Our pantographs are designed so that you don't space them evenly across the length of the quilt. That method is not accurate and takes too much time. Instead ours are designed to be a preset space (that space is determined by each individual pattern) and that space is maintained throughout the quilting. You will have a partial row at the start of the quilt and another partial row (where ever it falls) at the end of the quilt.

 The dotted lines printed on the pattern are your guides for lining up one row with the next, making it quick and easy to get the correct spacing.

 It's important to note that you must quilt our patterns this way in order to ensure that the interlocking rows line up properly.