Download Instructions


The short version: You will receive an email confirming your order. Next to the file name is a download link for that file. Click it and download the file from that page.

The long version:

If you do not receive an email confirmation with a link to the download please check your spam folder. There is also a possibility your email address was typed incorrectly when you set up your account. This can be changed through your account or contacting us.

You may also download the pattern(s) directly from the site by logging in to your account. Once you login you will see your orders. You must click on the order number first. You will then see an arrow next to each pattern. Click on the arrow to begin your download. Each pattern must be downloaded individually.

Please note: each file may be downloaded 10 times, and will stay active for 2 years from date of purchase. We strongly suggest you keep the full download on your computer and perhaps a backup on a flash drive (other than the one you use for your machine) in case your computer crashes.
Each computer is configured differently. You will need to know where your computer puts downloads (most likely a folder called downloads). We may not be able to help you with your particular setup since there are many different operating systems and versions (i.e. Windows 7 to Windows 10 etc.).

Now that the file is located on your computer it will need to be unzipped before you can use any of the files. Most computers will have a built in means to unzip the download file, usually it is simply a matter of double clicking the file to automatically unzip it. Be sure to unzip it to the same location that you saved the original download, so that you can find it. If you are on a Mac you just need to double left click the folder to unzip it.
Now you will have a folder with multiple files in it. You must copy and paste your particular file type onto the thumb drive you use for your quilting machine. If you have a machine with a tablet and don’t know how to transfer the file you will need to check with your dealer.  There are also many YouTube videos that may help you.

Please be sure to open and read Copyright file so you are familiar with our policies.

Some download contain a printable PDF showing what the overall will look like. Many people put these in a binder for reference. If one is not included we will be glad to email you one.

Please remember that these files are not to be shared with anyone, including your dealer or machine manufacturer. Also, please do not store them on any cloud based server that you do not have direct control over and sole access to. You may use services such as DropBox but not those owned and operated by a machine manufacturer. Please do not “sync to cloud” on your machine.