Digital FAQ

Please note that digital patterns are only for digital machines.  They are not printable files.


Download instructions are available under the Support tab.


Patterns are to be used for both personal and business quilting. However, if you rent your machine out, or hold quilting classes, each customer must purchase their own pattern.  


Will these patterns work with Elevate by Gammill?

Yes - the .qli is included in the zipped file download.  The .qli will convert to Gammill's format.  Please be sure to keep your original download in a separate location (such as a thumb drive or folder on your PC).  Once the file is converted you cannot convert it back.  Should you ever change to a non-Gammill computerized system you will not be able to use the files that were converted to Gammill's file type. 

What file formats work with PantoVision?

I spoke with one of the developers at ABM Innova about the file formats that can be used with the new PantoVision system. I was told that the .PAT files that we have for ABM G-Code or AutoPilot will be compatible with the new system as well.


What file formats work with Quilt CAD from Bernina?

A contact from Bernina advised the following:

Quilt CAD saves a file as qlt.

You will be able to Export and Import the following files:



So our files have a CMD and a TXT format that will work with the Quilt CAD system.


What file formats work with APQS's new Quilt Path software?


Bob Ketcham at APQ has informed us that Quilt Path software will accept several different file formats including CMD, CSV, DXF and QLI.  We provide the QLI format in our downloads.


What file formats work with Nolting's Quiltmagine?


Lance Smeins at Nolting has informed us that Quiltmagine software will accept several different file formats including CMD, CQP, CVS, DXF, HQF, QLI, TAP, TXT, XY, and DATA.  We provide CQP, HQF and QLI in our downloads