Digital Copyright

Copyright Statement Regarding Digital Pattern Files for Use with Computerized Quilting Equipment.

This copyright applies to all digital files sold by, including designs by Willow Leaf Studio Designs, ClothWerx, Threadsongs, Gali Design, Beany Girl Quilts, Creative Sisters, Timeless Quilting & Homelines.

The purchaser may use any one file purchased in up to and including 3 quilting machine systems as long as all systems are owned by the purchaser and located in the same premises. If you wish to use this file on more than three machines you must pay for a commercial copy. Contact me at for more information.

These files are for use by the professional quilter in his/her business, so you are allowed to complete customer quilts using the files. However they are not for mass production, either on quilts made by yourself or by your customers. Mass production as defined for the purpose of this copyright is deemed to be anything more than two identical quilts.

The file is to be used only by the purchaser or by persons employed by the purchaser at the purchasers place of business. It is not to be copied for the purpose of sale or other distribution for any purpose. Meaning - DON'T COPY IT TO GIVE OR SELL TO ANYONE ELSE!

This file is to be used as drawn. DO NOT ALTER FILE OR CREATE NEW PATTERNS FROM ELEMENTS OF THIS FILE. If, for example, you want a block inset in the same style as a design in a panto please contact us and we will let you know if it can be made (this is up to the designer of the original pattern).  These files are to be used on digital machinesThey are not print files and should not be used as such.

Each pattern folder includes a JPG image of the pattern for use if you want to display which patterns you have on your web page. Please do not enlarge the image. You may decrease it in size if you want. This image is watermarked. Removal of the watermark or attempt to remove will be considered violation of this copyright.

If you have any questions about this copyright information please contact us before purchasing to get clarification. Once patterns have been purchased they are non-refundable.


Copyright 2011 - this information may be subject to change.