Copyright for PDF Files

The PDF downloadable patterns on this site are intended for the professional quilter for use on customer quilts and personal quilts. It is not licensed for mass productions. For the purpose of this copyright mass productions means more than two identical or significantly similar quilts (ie same quilt in different colours).

Any pattern provided as as PDF download file may be printed in it's original size or resized for use.

DO NOT distribute copies of this design, this copyright allows for use by the purchaser only. That means do not sell or give away copies.

Patterns are for the purchaser's use only.  They are not for mass production, group, or classroom use.  Distribution of patterns to others is an infringement of copyright law.  Each individual must purchase their own copy.

Elements of the design may not be extracted for separate use, the design is sold for use 'as drawn'.

All rights reserved by the designer.